Wobble Trap

Well, that's what we call the event held every other Sunday during the shooting season.  Over the past couple of years it has evolved.  The day has grown from shooting wobble trap (a game where the birds not only fly from left to right on the same elevation, but also fly in any combination of left, right, and seemingly straight up, or straight out from the house) to shooting 16 yard, Handicap. or our own version of Doubles Trap.  With the exception of some 16 Yd shooters  ;>)  everyone comes off the line smiling and wanting to shoot again!  So dust off that lonely scattergun in the safe and join us this year. 

Shooting for the 2017 season is at 10 AM on Alternating Sundays.  Dates start May 21st and continue through until September 24th.  Please call to confirm dates if concerned. 

For more information call Gary Randall (416) 226 5094, or Brad Siim at (519) 897 5470.




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