How to Join -     Joining Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club requires the sponsorship of two members in good standing.  Come out to a minimum of three meetings or events and meet some members; this requirement should not be hard to meet. As of 2017 fees are $130 per year (individual) and $160 per year (family) *. There is a one time initiation fee of $300.  Application forms are available from Paul Venning at (519)599-7757.

* Please confirm rates with the membership director.

Shooting -     Once you are a member and have completed the safety course, you may use nonrestricted firearms in accordance with the range rules, right away.  If you wish to shoot restricted firearms you will, of course need an appropriate Club Level ATT Safety Course.  Once you have your ATT Course and the Club level safety course, you can come to the range and shoot, in accordance with range rules.  Shooting as guest is, of course,  possible at any time a member wishes to bring you.

Full Membership - After one full year as a member at BRSC you can apply to become a full member.  Being a full member allows you to vote at the AGM, sponsor new members and become a member of the board should you wish.  It is up to you to approach the membership director and complete the form requesting full membership.  Below is a link to a list of members who are eligible to become full members but who have not yet applied.  This list just shows your membership number.  If your number appears on the list, please see Paul V. for further information.

Members eligible to become Full Members 


Shooting in Organized Disciplines - Joining any of our organized shooting groups is as easy as contacting the appropriate coordinator.  Trap, Wobble Trap, Rifle, Sporting Clay, Pistol and IPSC all have their own requirements and fee structures.  The coordinator will give you the necessary guidance.  See the Activity pages for their names and numbers.


Conservation - New members are always welcomed to take part in Conservation activities.