Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club clubhouse. 


Clubhouse 2

Clubhouse 3

Clubhouse 4

Clubhouse 5

Trapshooting stations are to the left, clubhouse on the right. 

Trap 1

Trap 2

Looking downrange from the rifle benches.  You can see pistol targets in the right foreground at 25 yards.  To the left, you can see the 50 yard rifle backstop.  In the far distance (well it is when I shoot) you can see the 100 yard backstop, almost at the berm.

Rifle 1

Rifle 2

Rifle 2

Rifle 3

Rifle 4

Archery range

Archery 1

Front Gate sign

Path to Sporting Clays, Stations and equipment

SC 1

SC 3

SC 4

SC 5