Organized shooting disciplines available at Blue Ridges Sportsmen's Club are listed below.  As already stated, each discipline has it's own rules and requirements.  Click for the page(s) which interest you for further information.





Wobble Trap

Sporting Clay

Action Shooting (IPSC and Cowboy Action Shooting)


In addition to the shooting disciplines above, Blue Ridge Sportsmen's Club is active in conservation activities, especially the fish habitat enhancement of the Beaver River.  For additional information, see the Conservation page.

NOTICE:  No shooting on Easter Sunday and no shooting before 10am on any Sunday.  All evening shoots end at 9pm or 1/2 hour after sunset, whichever comes first.  Please check the schedule on the websites activities links for dates and times of events not listed in the printed schedule.  Also check the Special Events link off the home page for events that cause range access interuptions.