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International Practical Shooting Confederation

BRSC is an IPSC Ontario affiliated club and we hold matches throughout the summer.  We also hold regular skills and drills nights on monday evenings starting at 5:30.  For more information on IPSC at BRSC, please contact the section chairs Bill Den Boer, or Steve Dunn.  Our regular shoots start on Mondays at 6 PM starting May 29th (2017).  Some interesting links are below.

What is IPSC?  Have a look at

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Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS/SASS)

In addition to IPSC, some members shoot Coyboy Action.  Cowboy Action Shooting requires competitors to use firearms typical of the mid- to late 19th century: single action revolvers, lever action rifles chambered in pistol calibers, and side-by-side double barrel shotguns (also referred to as a Coach Gun with or without external hammers, although automatic ejectors are not allowed) or 1897-style pump-action shotguns with external hammers. Winchester 1887 lever-action shotguns and Colt Lightning pump-action rifles are also legal. Both original and reproduction guns are equally acceptable. All CAS handguns must be "single-action", meaning that the hammer must be manually cocked before each shot can be fired.

Competition in a CAS match generally requires four guns: two period revolvers, a shotgun, and a rifle chambered in a centerfire revolver caliber of the type in use prior to 1899. Some CAS matches also offer side events for single-shot "buffalo rifles", derringers, etc. Replica firearms are available from companies such as Ruger, Colt, Uberti, Pietta and U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co.

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